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Chapter 6. Running

6.1. Starting the container
6.2. Stopping the container
6.3. Command line interface
6.3.1. Deploy
6.3.2. Undeploy
6.3.3. Shutdown

The IronJacamar container is started by entering the bin/ directory

cd ironjacamar-1.0.0.Final/bin

and executing


on a Un*x based system or


on Windows.

The command takes an optional -b argument to define the binding address of the naming server

./run.sh -b

Once the container has started you should see a log entry like

13:33:10,999 INFO  [Main] Server started in 941ms

in the console where the command was executed.

After the container has started you can browse to


to view the project documentation and use the administration console.

The IronJacamar container is stopped by pressing the Ctrl-C keys.

Once the container has stopped you should see a log entry like

13:35:06,752 INFO  [Main] Server stopped in 29ms

in the console where the container was running.

Alternative the container can be stopped through the command line interface.

The IronJacamar container can be controlled by a command line interface.

If you are accessing a remote container you can use the -h option to specify the host name.