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IronJacamar 1.0 User's Guide

Connecting your Enterprise Information Systems

To all Java EE Connector Architecture users, and especially the IronJacamar community

1. About IronJacamar
2. Why IronJacamar ?
3. Versions
3.1. IronJacamar 1.0
4. The team
5. Thanks to
6. License
1. Introduction
1.1. What's New
1.2. Overview
1.2.1. Outbound resource adapter
1.2.2. Inbound resource adapter
2. Download
2.1. Download
2.2. Maven repository
2.3. SVN Access
3. Installation
3.1. Compressed Tape Archive (.tar.gz)
3.2. Zip Archive (.zip)
3.3. Directory structure
3.4. JBoss Application Server
4. Configuration
4.1. Logging service
4.2. Transaction service
4.3. JCA
4.3.1. Deployer
4.3.2. Security
4.4. Datasources
4.5. Web server
5. Deployment
5.1. Packaging requirements
5.2. Deploying resource adapters
5.2.1. Resource adapter descriptor
5.2.2. Resource adapter extensions
5.3. Deploying datasources
5.3.1. Datasource descriptor
5.3.2. Datasource extensions
6. Running
6.1. Starting the container
6.2. Stopping the container
6.3. Command line interface
6.3.1. Deploy
6.3.2. Undeploy
6.3.3. Shutdown
7. Validator
7.1. Introduction
7.2. Reports
7.3. Running the standalone validator
7.4. Apache Ant integration
7.4.1. Usage
7.5. Apache Maven integration
7.5.1. Usage
8. Code generator
8.1. Introduction
8.2. Functionality
8.3. Running the tool
8.3.1. Developer Input
8.4. Generated code
8.4.1. Apache Ant build environment
8.4.2. Apache Ant + Ivy build environment
8.4.3. Apache Maven build environment
9. Embedded
9.1. Overview
9.2. Deployment
9.3. Usage
9.3.1. Simple usage
9.3.2. Advanced usage
10. Community
10.1. Website
10.2. User forum
10.3. Developer forum
10.4. Issue tracking
11. Troubleshooting
11.1. I think I have found a bug
11.2. I would like to implement a feature
11.3. How do I ?
A. Schemas
A.1. Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6
A.2. Java EE Connector Architecture 1.5
A.3. Java EE Connector Architecture 1.0
A.4. IronJacamar 1.0
A.5. Resource adapters 1.0
A.6. Datasources 1.0
A.7. Datasources 1.1
B. Samples
B.1. HelloWorld example
B.1.1. Introduction
B.1.2. HelloWorld Resource Adapter
B.1.3. HelloWorld Managed Connection Factory
B.1.4. HelloWorld Managed Connection
B.1.5. HelloWorld Connection Factory
B.1.6. HelloWorld Connection Factory Implementation
B.1.7. HelloWorld Connection
B.1.8. HelloWorld Connection Implementation
B.1.9. HelloWorld Managed Connection MetaData
B.1.10. HelloWorld ironjacamar.xml
B.1.11. HelloWorld Connection Test Case
B.1.12. HelloWorld Ant build.xml
C. Datasources
C.1. PosgreSQL
C.2. PosgreSQL XA
C.3. MySQL
C.5. H2
C.6. H2 XA
C.7. Derby
C.8. Derby XA
C.9. Oracle
C.10. Oracle XA
C.11. Microsoft SQLServer
C.12. Microsoft SQLServer XA
C.13. IBM DB2
C.14. IBM DB2 XA
D. Logging codes
D.1. Core: 000000 - 009999
D.2. Common: 010000 - 019999
D.3. Deployers: 020000 - 029999
E. Licenses
E.1. GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
E.1.1. Preamble
E.1.2. Terms and Conditions for Copying, Distribution and Modification
E.1.3. How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries
E.2. Creative Commons Attribution–Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
E.2.1. Definitions
E.2.2. Fair Dealing Rights
E.2.3. License Grant
E.2.4. Restrictions
E.2.5. Representations, Warranties and Disclaimer
E.2.6. Termination
E.2.7. Miscellaneous
E.3. Apache License, Version 2.0
E.3.1. Definitions
E.3.2. Grant of Copyright License
E.3.3. Grant of Patent License
E.3.4. Redistribution
E.3.5. Submission of Contributions
E.3.6. Trademarks
E.3.7. Disclaimer of Warranty
E.3.8. Limitation of Liability
E.3.9. Accepting Warranty or Additional Liability