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Appendix D. Logging codes

Table D.1. Logging codes for core

100INFOClosing a connection for you. Please close them yourself
102INFOThrowable trying to close a connection for you, please close it yourself
103INFOCould not find a close method on alleged connection object. Please close your own connections
151EXCEPTIONSome connections were not closed, see the log for the allocation stacktraces
201ERRORSecurityContext setup failed
202ERRORSecurityContext setup failed since CallbackSecurity was null
251EXCEPTIONSecurityContext setup failed
252EXCEPTIONSecurityContext setup failed since CallbackSecurity was null
253EXCEPTIONWork is null
254EXCEPTIONStartTimeout is negative
255EXCEPTIONInterrupted while requesting permit
256EXCEPTIONWork execution context must be null because work instance implements WorkContextProviderStartTimeout is negative
257EXCEPTIONRun method is synchronized
258EXCEPTIONRelease method is synchronized
259EXCEPTIONUnsupported WorkContext class
260EXCEPTIONDuplicate TransactionWorkContext class
261EXCEPTIONDuplicate SecurityWorkContext class
262EXCEPTIONDuplicate HintWorkContext class
263EXCEPTIONWorkManager is shutting down
264EXCEPTIONSecurityContext setup failed since CallbackSecurity::Domain was empty
265EXCEPTIONResourceAdapterAssociation failed
301INFORegistered a null handle for managed connection
302INFOUnregistered handle that was not registered
303INFOUnregistered a null handle for managed connection
305WARNConnection error occured
306WARNUnknown connection error occured
307WARNNotified of error on a different managed connection
311INFOThrowable from unregister connection
312ERRORError while closing connection handle
313ERRORThere is something wrong with the pooling
351EXCEPTIONNot correct type
352EXCEPTIONFailure to delist resource
353EXCEPTIONError in delist
354EXCEPTIONUnfinished local transaction - error getting local transaction
355EXCEPTIONUnfinished local transaction but managed connection does not provide a local transaction
356EXCEPTIONFailed to enlist
401WARNError during tidy up connection
402WARNResourceException in returning connection
403WARNReconnecting a connection handle that still has a managed connection
404WARNUnchecked throwable in managedConnectionDisconnected()
451EXCEPTIONThe connection manager is shutdown
452EXCEPTIONMethod getManagedConnection retry wait was interrupted
453EXCEPTIONUnable to get managed connection
454EXCEPTIONYou are trying to use a connection factory that has been shut down: ManagedConnectionFactory is null
455EXCEPTIONWrong ManagedConnectionFactory sent to allocateConnection
456EXCEPTIONUnchecked throwable in ManagedConnection.getConnection()
457EXCEPTIONUnchecked throwable in managedConnectionReconnected()
458EXCEPTIONThis method is not supported
459EXCEPTIONTransaction is not active
460EXCEPTIONError checking for a transaction
461EXCEPTIONCould not enlist in transaction on entering meta-aware object
462EXCEPTIONCould not delist resource, probably a transaction rollback
463EXCEPTIONUnable to set XAResource transaction timeout
501WARNThread is not the enlisting thread
502WARNTransaction error in beforeCompletion
503WARNTransaction error in afterCompletion
601INFOConnectionValidator has been interrupted
602WARNConnectionValidator ignored unexpected runtime exception
603WARNConnectionValidator ignored unexpected error
604WARNThrowable while attempting to get a new connection
605WARNDestroying connection that could not be successfully matched
606WARNThrowable while trying to match managed connection, destroying connection
607WARNResourceException cleaning up managed connection
608WARNDestroying returned connection, maximum pool size exceeded
609WARNAttempt to return connection twice
610WARNUnable to fill pool
611WARNWarning: Background validation was specified with a non compliant ManagedConnectionFactory interface
612WARNDestroying connection that could not be successfully matched
613WARNThrowable while trying to match managed connection, destroying connection
614ERRORException during createSubject()
615WARNDestroying active connection in pool
651EXCEPTIONUnable to get managed connection pool
652EXCEPTIONUnable to obtain lock
653EXCEPTIONThe pool has been shutdown
654EXCEPTIONInterrupted while requesting connection
655EXCEPTIONNo managed connections available within configured blocking timeout
656EXCEPTIONThis should never happen
657EXCEPTIONInterrupted while requesting permit
658EXCEPTIONUnexpected throwable while trying to create a connection
701WARNException during unbind
751EXCEPTIONDeployment failed
851EXCEPTIONResource adapter instance not active
852EXCEPTIONValidation exception
853EXCEPTIONThe activation spec class is no longer available
854EXCEPTIONThe resource adapter is no longer available
855EXCEPTIONKey isn't registered
856EXCEPTIONUnable to lookup resource adapter in MDR
901WARNError during connection close
902ERRORError during inflow crash recovery
903ERRORError creating Subject for crash recovery
904WARNNo security domain defined for crash recovery
905WARNSubject for crash recovery was null
906ERRORError during crash recovery
951EXCEPTIONError during connection close
1001WARNNo users.properties were found
1002ERRORError while loading users.properties
1003WARNNo roles.properties were found
1004ERRORError while loading roles.properties
1005WARNNo callback.properties were found
1006ERRORError while loading callback.properties
1011WARNPrepare called on a local tx. Use of local transactions on a JTA transaction with more than one branch may result in inconsistent data in some cases of failure
1151EXCEPTIONTrying to start a new transaction when old is not complete
1152EXCEPTIONTrying to start a new transaction with wrong flags
1153EXCEPTIONError trying to start local transaction
1154EXCEPTIONThrowable trying to start local transaction
1155EXCEPTIONWrong xid in commit
1156EXCEPTIONCould not commit local transaction
1157EXCEPTIONForget not supported in local transaction
1158EXCEPTIONNo recovery for LocalTransaction only resource manager
1159EXCEPTIONWrong xid in rollback
1160EXCEPTIONCould not rollback local transaction

Table D.2. Logging codes for common

10001ERRORParsing error of ra.xml file
10002ERRORParsing error of ironjacamar.xml file
10003ERRORNo @Connector was found and no definition in the ra.xml metadata either
10004ERRORMore than one @Connector was found but the correct one wasn't defined in the ra.xml metadata
10051EXCEPTIONAnnotationRepository reference is null
10052EXCEPTIONNo @Connector defined
10053EXCEPTIONMore than @Connector defined
10054EXCEPTIONMore than one @ConnectionDefinitions defined
10055EXCEPTIONUnknown annotation
10056EXCEPTIONElement isn't a valid boolean
10057EXCEPTIONAttribute isn't a valid boolean
10058EXCEPTIONElement isn't a valid number
10059EXCEPTIONInvalid flush strategy
10060EXCEPTIONUnexpected end tag
10061EXCEPTIONUnexpected element
10062EXCEPTIONReached end of xml document unexpectedly
10063EXCEPTIONMandatory class-name attribute missing
10064EXCEPTIONUnexpected attribute
10065EXCEPTIONMissing mandatory jndi-name attribute
10066EXCEPTIONYou cannot define more than one pool or xa-pool in same connection-definition
10067EXCEPTIONElement cannot be set without an xa-pool
10068EXCEPTIONMissing required attribute
10069EXCEPTIONMissing required element
10070EXCEPTIONInvalid negative value
10071EXCEPTIONTag is not valid
10072EXCEPTIONTag cannot be undefined
10073EXCEPTIONInvalid <security> configuration
10074EXCEPTIONThe resource adapter metadata must be defined
10075EXCEPTIONThe resource adapter metadata must contain either an outbound or inbound configuration
10076EXCEPTIONTag must be defined
10077EXCEPTIONWrong annotation type

Table D.3. Logging codes for deployers

20001INFORequired license terms
20003WARNFailure during validation report generation
20004WARNOnly one connection definition found with a mismatch in class-name
20005WARNOnly one admin object found with a mismatch in class-name
20006ERRORConnectionFactory is null
20007ERRORException during createSubject()
20008WARNInvalid config property
20009WARNInvalid connection definition
20010ERRORConnection definition with missing class-name
20011ERRORAdmin object with missing class-name
20012WARNAdmin object not bound
20013WARNConnection factory not bound
20014INFOAdmin object not spec compliant
20015INFOConnection factory not spec compliant
20016WARNMissing <recovery> element. XA recovery disabled
20051EXCEPTIONUnable to start
20052EXCEPTIONUnable to associate
20053EXCEPTIONManagedConnectionFactory must be defined in class-name
20054EXCEPTIONAdminObject must be defined in class-name
20055EXCEPTIONFailed to bind admin object
20056EXCEPTIONDeployment failed
20057EXCEPTIONInvalid ManagedConnectionFactory class
20058EXCEPTIONInvalid ActivationSpec class
20059EXCEPTIONInvalid ResourceAdapter class
20060EXCEPTIONUnable to inject
20061EXCEPTIONInvalid required work context
20062EXCEPTIONInvalid connection factory interface
20063EXCEPTIONInvalid connection factory implementation
20064EXCEPTIONInvalid connection interface
20065EXCEPTIONInvalid connection implementation
20066EXCEPTIONConnection factory implementation doesn't implement interface
20067EXCEPTIONConnection implementation doesn't implement interface