IronJacamar 2 project launch

August 14th, 2013

Today, we are launching the IronJacamar 2 project.

IronJacamar 2 will redefine the project in key areas, and provide the Java EE Connector Architecture community with a customizable platform that fits their use-case.

The first major change will be a change to our license. The project will now be relased under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 license. This change is done in order to support projects, which doesn't allow a GNU Lesser Public License based project to be used.

The second major change will be a change to our package name. The project will from now on use the "org.ironjacamar" package namespace for all code and tools.

The third major change is how the container is assembled at run-time. As Java EE Connector Architecture containers are used for important areas, like controlling datasources and providing the integration for Enterprise Messaging Beans into Java EE environments it is important that each project can choose which parts of the IronJacamar container to enable. This will be made possible by providing a service-oriented architecture which will enable a specific component of the container, and the required dependencies.

There will also be new functionality as compared to the IronJacamar 1.x project. Wishlist includes

Especially the first bullet is of interest, since the current Java EE Connector Architecture specification has been using the same overall architecture since version 1.0. The proof of concept will provide a more modern way of implementing a resource adapter, only requiring the necessary parts to be implemented and also allow injection of major components, like BootstrapContext and WorkManager .

Of course the project will continue to support the latest Java EE Connector Architecture specification.

We have constructed an IronJacamar 2 development area, where overall goals for each component is described. These documents will be expanded over time.

We invite you to join our community , contribute with ideas, and help to build the next generation of a Java EE Connector Architecture container.

On behalf of the IronJacamar community,