IronJacamcar 2

Overall goals

Furthermore, IronJacamar 2 will focus on implementing the current and potential upcoming Java EE Connector Architecture specification, and other specifications that may qualify within this space.

IronJacamar 2 should build on the feature set of IronJacamar 1.x. However, a different implementation may be needed in order to align with the new architecture.

Description of the goals.

IronJacamar modules


IronJacamar 2 will be licensed under Eclipse Public License v1.0

Source code

Source code will be located at in the "master" branch.

Package name

The package names will start with


Build system

The build system will be based on Gradle 2.1+

Continuous integration

Continuous integration will be performed at CloudBees

Maven repository

The Maven repository will hosted at Sonatype aka Maven Central under the artifact identifier



The documentation is done in Docbook 4+ .

Logging codes

All logging codes in IronJacamar 2.x will start with


with separate areas for each IronJacamar module, and component.