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Chapter 9. Eclipse plugin

Table of Contents

9.1. Installation of the plugin
9.2. Configuration of the plugin
9.3. The toolbar
9.4. The menu
9.5. Creating a new IronJacamar project
9.5.1. Project and package name
9.5.2. Creating a ResourceAdapter
9.5.3. Creating a ManagedConnectionFactory
9.5.4. Creating a MessageListener
9.5.5. Creating an AdminObject
9.5.6. Selecting the build environment
9.6. Validate IronJacamar project
9.7. Deploying an IronJacamar project
9.7.1. Deploying a RAR file to an IronJacamar server
9.7.2. Generate the -ra.xml and deploy it to IronJacamar server

The IronJacamar Eclipse plugin features development tools used for developing resource adapter applications for the IronJacamar standalone distribution, WildFly or JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6+.

The plugin allows you to

The plugin is installed by

cp ironjacamar-eclipse.jar $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins

on Un*x systems, or by

copy ironjacamar-eclipse.jar %ECLIPSE_HOME%\plugins

on Windows.

Open "Window->Preferences" and select the IronJacamar category.

The IronJacamar home setting must point to the root directory of the IronJacamar installation, like


in order to configure the plugin.

The IronJacamar Eclipse plugin can deploy to a remote IronJacamar instance, by specifying the host and port settings.

The IronJacamar Eclipse plugin provides a toolbar with deployment functionality.

The IronJacamar Eclipse plugin provides a menu with validation and deployment functionality.

A new IronJacamar project can be created by selecting File->New->Project... and go to the IronJacamar category.

Choose "IronJacamar 1.1 project" and follow the instructions to generate your resource adapter.

The IronJacamar project can be validated by selecting it, and the Validate command in the toolbar will now be enabled. Click on the command to validate your project.

Another way to validate the IronJacamar project is to right click on the project, and select IronJacamar->Validate.

The IronJacamar Eclipse plugin provides a way to deploy files to an IronJacamar server.

Select the IronJacamar project you just created. The Deploy drop down command in the toolbar will be enabled. Click on the command and select 'Deploy -ra.xml'.

Another way to generate the -ra.xml file is to right click on the project, and select IronJacamar->Deploy->Deploy -ra.xml from context menu.

The command will build the RAR file first if it does not exist, then pop up a wizard to generate the -ra.xml according to the RAR file.

In the first wizard page, selects version of the resource adapter. Some configurations may not be available when version is changed.

In the general information page, set up the transaction support, bootstrap context, bean validation groups and id if the version is 1.1+.

From IronJacamar 1.1, a workmanager tab is added to configure workmanager security mappings.

There is a wizard page for each ManagedConnectionFactory if the resource adapter is outbound or bidirectional.

The ManagedConnectionFactory can be activated by selecting the 'Activate' checkbox.

Configure connection pool in the 'pool configuration' tab.

Configure XA connection pool in the 'XA pool' sub tab.

From IronJacamar 1.1 on, a capacity sub tab is added in 'pool configuration' tab to configure policy of connection pool

There is a wizard page for each AdminObject if the resource adapter includes one or more instances.

The AdminObject can be activated by selecting the 'Activate' checkbox.

There is a miscellaneous page also.

If the Deploy RAR first option is selected, the plugin will try to deploy the RAR file to the IronJacamar server first, then deploy the generated -ra.xml file.