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Chapter 2. Download

Table of Contents

2.1. Download
2.2. Maven repository
2.3. Git Access

The official IronJacamar project page is http://www.ironjacamar.org/ where you can download the software.

The download location is: http://www.ironjacamar.org/downloads/

Each release is labelled with a version number and an identifier.



  • Major: The major version number. Signifies major changes in the implementation.
  • Minor: The minor version number. Signifies functional changes to a major version.
  • Patch: The patch version number. Signifies a binary compatible change to a minor version.
  • Identifier: The identifier. Identifies the level of the quality of the release.
    • Final: Stable release
    • CR: Candidate for Release quality. The implementation is functional complete.
    • Beta: Beta quality. The implementation is almost functional complete.
    • Alpha: Alpha quality. The implementation is a snapshot of the development.

An example


which is a stable release of the project.

The IronJacamar distribution is deployed to the JBoss Nexus repository.

Repository: http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public/

Group id: org.jboss.ironjacamar

If you want to experiment with the latest developments you may checkout the latest code from Git. Be aware that the information provided in this manual might then not be accurate.

The Git repository is located at:


You can find additional information about this in the developer guide.