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Chapter 6. Metadata

Table of Contents

6.1. Core metadata
6.1.1. Java Connector Architecture metadata
6.1.2. IronJacamar metadata
6.1.3. Resource adapter deployment metadata
6.1.4. Datasource deployment metadata
6.2. Metadata Repository
6.2.1. Interface
6.2.2. Bean

The metadata for the IronJacamar project is split up into the following areas

All metadata parsing is done using the StAX model (javax.xml.stream) for optimal performance.

The implementation of these areas is done within the common module of the project.

The datasource deployment metadata provides a deployment plan for datasources. The metadata allows the developer to setup connection parameters, pooling settings and security.

Supported versions of the metadata:

The implementation is split into two package hierarchies - the API in


and the implementation in



The metadata repository serves as a central point for all the metadata in the systems.