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Chapter 2. Building

Table of Contents

2.1. Prerequisites
2.1.1. Java Development Kit (JDK)
2.1.2. Apache Ant
2.1.3. Apache Ivy
2.1.4. Git
2.2. Obtaining the source code
2.2.1. Forking the repository
2.2.2. Git branches
2.3. Compiling the source code
2.4. Creating a patch

In order to build the IronJacamar project you execute:

ant <target>

where target is one of

See the full list of targets in the main build.xml file.

An example to get the IronJacamar/SJC built and running:

ant clean sjc
cd target/sjc/bin

Our user guide explains in the "I would like to implement a feature" section how to get started on a writing a new feature or submitting a patch to the project.

You should develop your feature on a Git branch using

git checkout -b <feature_name>

Once you are done you will need to rebase your work with the latest master

git fetch upstream
git rebase -i upstream/master

You will need to resolve any conflicts of course. Note, that all pull requests must be rebased against upstream master in order to get merged.

Then push the feature to your repository

git push origin <feature_name>

Go to your account on GitHub.com and submit a pull request via the "Pull request" button


Remember to select the correct branch, fill in the subject with a short description of the feature, and fill in the description with the full description of the feature.

If your feature / bug-fix applies to multiple branches you will need to submit multiple pull requests - one pull request per branch.