IronJacamar 1.2.1.Final released

December 9th, 2014

I'm proud to announce the IronJacamar 1.2.1.Final release. Full release notes are here .


This release is mainly a bug fix release, but some changes were made as well,

Once a transaction is marked for rollback, f.ex. through setRollbackOnly() , any future work involving connections to Enterprise Information System will be rollbacked (well, du'h) and the work "wasted". However, previously this would result in an exception when trying to obtain a connection, which meant that applications would have to do a more "defensive" style of coding. This change will allow to keep using an existing connection, and hence applications has an easier job to guard against these scenarios, as the transaction status doesn't have to checked all the time. The end result is of course the same. The old behavior can be activated by a system property ( ironjacamar.allow_marked_for_rollback_fast_fail ).

Previously our < max-pool-size > was per credential, e.g. you could obtain up to < max-pool-size > connections per credential used. This could make it difficult to calculate how many connections were needed against the Enterprise Information System when using configuration elements like < allow-multiple-users/ > or < application/ >. The < max-pool-size > element is now across all credentials used to make it simpler to configure, and to understand.

The Road Ahead

We should soon see new code coming into our master branch, which is where our IronJacamar 2.0 development is happening. Keep an eye on the repository as well as the forums for updates, and provide your feedback.

Enjoy !

On behalf of the IronJacamar community,

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