Meet Tyronne

Name: Tyronne Wickramarathne
Age: 39
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Role: Support Engineer

Please tell us a little about yourself

Open source addict, amateur photographer and 4x4 enthusiast.

What do you do for IronJacamar ?

I work as an IronJacamar support engineer, that includes troubleshooting, bug fixing and backporting patches from upstream.

How did you get started contributing to IronJacamar ?

It dates back to the old JCA project, JBoss AS 5 / JBoss AS 4.3 days. The initial IronJacamar team meeting in Beijing helped me to place myself in the right direction.

How much time do you spend working on IronJacamar ?

This varies based on the time I have to work on our sister project HornetQ. That said, I'm hoping to contribute a bit more on IronJacamar in the days to come.

What keeps you motivated ?

Music, off-roading on different 4x4 drive terrains, a good beer over the weekend.

What are some of your future goals for your involvement with IronJacamar ?

I would like to expand my knowledge on IronJacamar's codebase to have a better understanding on its internals. That would help me to contribute to the upstream project more effectively.

Traction control vs diff locks ?

Love to have them both.

Front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive ?

Rear wheel drive.

Music vs. movies ?


CDs vs. LPs?


Jazz vs. post rock ?

Next question please.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of IronJacamar ?

Musical concerts, traveling, off-roading, camping and photography.

What would you suggest to help people getting started with IronJacamar ?

Read the docs and reach us for any help.

Any closing comments ?

It's been a great privilege to work with bunch of real talented team. Looking forward for the new challenges in the next JCA specification.