Meet Lin

Name: Lin Gao
Age: 33
Location: Beijing, China
Role: Core developer, mainly focused on productization and tools

Please tell us a little about yourself

I live in Beijing with my wife and son. I like to dig to the root cause of things, and prefer open source solutions.

What do you do for IronJacamar ?

I mainly work on the productization build of IronJacamar for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and also some tools development work.

How did you get started contributing to IronJacamar ?

I started a RHQ plugin for IronJacamar right after I joined Red Hat in November 2010, and then started to contribute to the IronJacamar Eclipse plugin after that.

How much time do you spend working on IronJacamar ?

It depends on the release schedule and productization process, but I want to get more involved in future.

What keeps you motivated ?

Software is full of magic, and I want to be one of the best players.

What are some of your future goals for your involvement with IronJacamar ?

I want to get a deeper understanding of JCA, and get more involved in the development of IronJacamar.

Tea vs. Coffee ?

Coffee (with suger and milk).

Village vs. City ?

City, city is convenient.

Mahjong vs. Poker ?


Books vs. Movies ?

Movies, I like sci-fi movies.

Cook vs. Fast Food ?

Cook, I can make the taste I like.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of IronJacamar ?

I like hiking, seek delicious food and watching movies.

What would you suggest to help people getting started with IronJacamar ?

Read the IronJacamar guides and try to write a simple resource adapter using the IronJacamar tools, it is very simple with the awesome tools IronJacamar provides.

Any closing comments ?

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with the intelligent people in the IronJacamar team. I am proud of being part of it.