The IronJacamar tracer

The Java EE Connector Architecture ConnectionEventListener 's are a key part of the specification, as they are responsible for maintaining the relationship between the ManagedConnection and the application handles, and their state inside the container.

It is also through the ConnectionEventListener that the XAResource instance is enlisted, and delisted from the transaction - if supported - either through LocalTransaction or XATransaction .

While IronJacamar generates useful TRACE log about these interactions the amount of data can be too much for humans to process within a reasonable time frame.

The IronJacamar tracer produces machine-readable codes at a special TRACE log category at key points during the entire interaction of the ConnectionEventListener making it easy to apply tooling of the data collected.

An example of a code could be


which isn't very useful.

However, looking at the entire interaction as a UML sequence diagram is

Tracer example

included in the HTML report generated by the tracer-report application.

The generated report is broken down into a

hierarchy, with a status indication of the interaction pattern.

This should make it a lot more simple to find the ConnectionEventListener instance that is in error, and the timestamps where the error occurred. Then the "real" TRACE log can be consulted to look for the possible cause.

The IronJacamar tracer can be enabled by setting the "org.jboss.jca.core.tracer" category to TRACE, and calling the



We hope that you will find this feature useful when tracking down problems, and we will of course keep expanding the functionality of the tracer and associated tools.