Merging pull requests

The pull requests are located at

Any comments for the pull request should be done on the pull request page.

0. Verify the pull request

Check that the pull request is rebased against latest master revision - or the branch revision it is submitted for.

1. Creating a dedicated branch for the feature / bug-fix

git checkout -b <author_name_branch_name> master
git pull git://<author_name>/ironjacamar.git <branch_name>

2. Compile and test

ant clean test

3. QE runs

ant clean checkstyle
ant clean findbugs

The findbugs and checkstyle reports needs to be checked

4. Merge to master branch

git checkout master
git merge --ff-only <author_name_branch_name>

5. Push upstream

git push origin master

6. Delete the dedicated branch

git branch -D <author_name_branch_name>